Hello Miami (and surrounding cities)!

Deciding to write a blog has been a ridiculously long process plagued with a series of doubtful questions and moments. But the questions that convinced me to bite the bullet all started with “What If.” Inspired by my favorite blogger, Jon Acuff, I started asking myself questions like, “What if I put fear aside and just went for it?”, “What if I were more brave?”, “What if I can learn and share at the same time?”, “What if it turned out to be something that could help other people too?” Once I started asking these questions, things got a little more exciting!

So, what’s the thing I love, want to learn more about and want to share? Local Nonprofits! I love the idea that a “regular” person can start a chain reaction that could change their community, and that one organization can make a difference in the lives of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people! So, this blog will be dedicated to all those go-getters and do-gooders around our community. I’ll be posting as I learn new things and will  include links to resources that might help you learn and grow too.

Here’s to throwing fear out the window and looking at our city with wide eyes!


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