What does an accident prone blouse have to do with leadership?

3 things you should know about today:

  1. All day I’ve been looking forward to adding a new post.
  2. While giving a tour at work today, my blouse got caught on a garbage can and literally tugged me back and away from the tour group. “Ooooof course”, I thought.  I stepped back, unhooked my blouse, laughed it off and went on with the tour.
  3. After work, I stopped by the bookstore to catch up on some reading. After an inspiring read, I was ready to go home and blog! I grabbed my things and pushed myself up … kinda. Did I get my blouse caught on the bookcase? No, of course not. That would be silly if it happened twice. I got it stuck on gum this time. However, I was too revved up about learning/sharing to fuss about it. I wanted to get home and post something!

I was too excited about posting today to let an accident prone blouse damper my inspiration. Yes, it’s a silly anecdote, but we should really strive to work like this every day.  As nonprofit professionals, our mission statement should be our inspiration and our guiding light. Inevitably there will be days when we hit a wall, what we do when we hit that wall is what counts. Reread your mission statement, think of the difference you and your organization make. It’s too important to let random glitches hold you back or slow you down.

In regards to leadership, I’m a firm believer that everyone is a leader in some way. Someone, somewhere, at some point will see you as a role model.  I won’t lie, I was embarrassed when my blouse got stuck the first time. Most of the leaders I know are pretty graceful! However, embarrassment, fear, intimidation, and anything of that nature are not nearly as important as what you represent as an emerging nonprofit leader. You represent something bigger than yourself, a cause, a generation with hope. So, I’ve made peace with the idea that I’m not the most graceful girl in town. Instead I like to think that maybe I will someday be an example to a young girl who felt too awkward to be a leader.


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