Finding grants in our wide eyed city – 3 links to get you started

I have worked on a couple of grants in my day, but I have not had experience actually searching for them. So, I thought I would do a little homework. I’ve done some searching and have posted the best finds below. Let me know if you’ve used these and/or if you found them helpful!

  1. : The Donors Forum of South Florida actually exists to support local funders. However, they do have a section on their website for organizations seeking funding. For an annual fee ($150), you will be able to access a directory of South Florida funders, including profiles for each. The profiles list the donors giving history, interests, contact info and more.
  2. : While they are currently in the review process and not accepting applications, The Miami Foundation also has a section for grant seekers.  Keep checking for updates and opportunities.
  3. :  Miami-Dade’s Office of Grants Coordination has a free searchable database. They also include a link to the power point presentation for their Community Based Organization Grant Writing Workshop. The presentation includes 10 useful tips for grant writing.

Feel free to share other links! 🙂

Additional Links:


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