Fun at StandUp For Kids Fundraiser, Art Is Life!

I had a great time last night at StandUp For Kids’ Art is Life fundraiser at the Bakehouse Art Complex. SUFK is a nonprofit that aims to help homeless youth through outreach, mentoring programs, etc. and BAC is another nonprofit that “provides affordable studios, exhibition galleries, and professional development opportunities” for local artists. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel happy when surrounded by color, creativity, music, friendly people, and great organizations. I think both SUFK and BAC really did a great job with this event – definitely engaged all senses!

Every single SUFK volunteer I ran into was incredibly nice and the artists at BAC were both welcoming and talented. Some of my fave artists included Stephanie Jaffe Werner and Marcia Ramos-Perello. I loved meeting their resident artist Maria Sonia Martin. She found us in a hallway, swept us into her studio and shared her zeal and passion for her artwork, which was really refreshing. 🙂

Aside from SUFK and BAC, there was also another great organization at the event: Art Studio Miami. This was actually the first time I’d ever heard of them, but I was really impressed by what they do. The organization, based in Little Haiti, introduces art to local youth as a tool to both express and empower themselves. I had the opportunity to join them at their studio this morning and met some more great people on their team. This is one organization I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about!

The event was a great opportunity to enjoy and learn more about Miami’s art and nonprofit community. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be looking forward to it next year!



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