Volunteering with Catalyst Miami

This week was pretty great for several different reasons. One was the opportunity to visit Catalyst Miami. I met with their Executive Director, Daniella Levine, and Communications Coordinator, Mathias Oma. Both are absolutely wonderful people who are truly passionate about South Florida’s nonprofit community. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

We talked about how we can collaborate and came up with a couple of ideas. Blogging will definitely be involved. I will be contributing to their blog, which Mathias manages. If you are not already following it, take a moment to check it out. They have insightful posts with great information.

What drew me to the organization was the fact that they encourage civic leadership, nonprofit capacity building and economic development, among other things. These are all things that I am passion about and want to learn more about.

They were so welcoming and encouraging, it was really an energizing and refreshing meeting. I am really excited about working with them and look forward to learning more about how they are strengthening our community.

I will hopefully be blogging about this relationship some more soon. 🙂

To learn more about Catalyst Miami visit their website or blog.

Catalyst Miami Mission: To develop and support individual leadership and strong organizations that work together to improve health, education and economic opportunity in all our communities.


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